McGarvey Builds Custom Luxury Homes and Renovations, Commercial Flex Space as well as real estate sales.


Quintessential Living. Uncomplicated coastal lifestyle, where every detail reflects our commitment to enriching your experience.

Kalea Bay

Building opportunities through housing.

Habitat 4 Humanity

Quality Without Compromise.

GH Builders

A Higher Level of Creativity. Residential and commercial interior design.

Dwayne Bergmann Interiors

A team of experts with a passion for finding the perfect place.

Luxe Naples

Preserving the NEW, Restoring the OLD.

Coastal Companies

Suite 200 by Naples Executive Suites offers the right combination of space, technology and amenities for your business needs, as well as your daily living requirements.

Naples Executive Suites

General property management, home watch and HOA management.

Summit Management Group

Interior Design