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Apple and the Future of Flash

Posted by Terry McKyton in website. Comments Off on Apple and the Future of Flash

11th May

Recently I have received many questions about the use of flash and whether a client should incoroprate it or not. This all stems from the fact that Steve Jobs is against the use of Flash and has in effect blocked the software from running on iPhones and now iPads.

If you have not heard his thoughts you can catch up on why Apple does not support flash here:

The problem is this:

Flash is currently the go to application for immersive online animation and interaction. Millions, maybe billions have been spent over the past decade on creating high-end flash animated websites. Developers don’t use flash because it is the greatest/easiest application to build in and use. Web developers use Flash because it is the best option we have. Flash is installed on over 90% of all desktop computers including macs. This means Flash is the best option we have and … Read More »

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