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Smart Phones & Tablets

Mobile is more than your smart phone. Mobile is cell phones, smart phones, tablets, notebooks and more. The category is growing faster than any other segment of consumer electronics and the methods that they interact with internet are varied. We can help you target your customers and the devices they use with technologies like responsive designs, sms, xhtml, rss.

Custom Experience

The mobile browsing experience not only diffes from the desktop experience but also differs between devices. If you need a custom version of your website for the best expereince on both a tablet and a smart phone we can build you a custom site that detects the device the user is on and optimizes the layout for their experience.

Responsive Websites

We will build and launch multiple forms of your website using multiple technoliges to match your target customers.
• Web 2.0 design for your desktop users
• Native app for an iphone user
• Wap site for an older demographic 

SMS and Mobile Email

Sometimes you just need to get a message out to your customers quickly. We will design for you a custom SMS notification and mobile email alert system to tell your customers and fans about new time sensitive promotions. 

Proximity Marketing

Proximity marketing, the bleeeding edge of mobile. By using a compbination of technolgoies such as bluetooth, SMS and wifi we can alert your customers to upsell promotions as they enter your business. “Imagine entering your favorite restaurant and receiving a bluetooth alert of drink and appetizer specials.” 

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