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Standards in development help ensure that your website appears correctly regardless of the web browser or device used. As Monitors get larger and mobile device screens get smaller, developing websites that adhere to standards is more important than ever.Of course it is not as easy as simply following a set of instructions. Many technologies fail when trying to meet multiple standards. We have the experience of navigating these challenges and you can depend on us to to make sure that your target audience always experiences your website in it’s most optimized form. 


A single modern website employs multiple technologies produce a seamless state of the art user experience. Fortunately we have experience in all of them.

  • ASP, PHP, ColdFusion
  • xhtml & CSS
  • custom JavaScript features, Flash animations

Search Engine optimization

All aspects of strategy planning, design layout and development will include an aspect of search engine marketing.

We will guide you through each step and present the positive and negative effects each decision could have on your search engine strategy.

We start with the search engine basics and build out from there to meet your online marketing goals adhering tot the guides set out by the the major search engines.

Quality Assurance Testing

In the days leading up to launch of your website we will extensively quality test your website on multiple criteria.

Our QA testing includes

  • Browser Testing
  • Operating System testing
  • Spell check proofing
  • Web page load times
  • Contact form submission testing
  • Search engine and Social Media Interoperability

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