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Functional Layout

Laying out your website can be a daunting task., Where should the navigation go what message should go where. Is any one going to read all of the content you have produced.

Fortunately there are thorough statistics that identify exactly how the average person interacts with a website, what content they are most likely to read and where their goes first when opening a page.

We analyze your efforts and listen to what is most important to your business and then combine that with usage statistics that tell us where to put your messaging to ensure that visitors understand what you offer, why they need what you offer and why they need you over your competitor.

Planning for the user experience

We will guide and recommend ways for users to interact with your site smoothly.

For example:

  • Can we display additional information without reloading the page
  • Simplifying a hierarchical navigation so that the user knows exactly

“Most Users measure the speed and usability of a website by how quickly they can accomplish their task, not by how fast a page loads.”

Designing Interactivity

Website interactively, from flash image galleries to accordion menus all enhance the user experience. We identify and recommend the interactive tools that will simplify the presentation of your content into an intuitive experience for your users.


When preparing for target audiences it is often important to ensure that your website can be easily accessed by handicapped visitors. We can help you get your website in compliance with the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

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