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Digital Response Marketing Group

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26th April

Digital Response Marketing Group (DRMG) relaunched their website this week. DRMG contacted tcmc interactive for help in recreating their online presence with a clean, contemporary design that could show off their unique marketing service offerings. The new site is powered by a content manage t system that makes it easy to manage social media, display portfolio items and create sophisticated layouts. Take a look.

Turnleaf Property Management

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26th April launched last week. Turnleaf property management is a property management company with operations in Cincinnati OH. and Naples FL. Turnleaf contacted tcmc interactive to help them launch a new marketing website. The new website features easy customer service request forms, enhanced user interface features and a content management system.

Catholic Charities of Collier County

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6th April

#SocialMedia ( Free iPhone App released

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7th April

Good News!

The official iPhone App has been accepted into the itunes store and you can get it now!

Why use this app? Glad you asked. Here are some of the features

Read the blog topics and full posts
Follow the live twitter chats on the go
Participate in the live twitter chats while away from you comp. … reply.retweet,…etc…
Schedule of upcoming events

Our main goal in creating this app was to give people an easy way to follow the conversations when they are not at their desk. However, we are seeing more and more opportunities for this app already so we think this is just the beginning and that we can add more features soon.

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