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Digital Response Marketing Group

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26th April

Digital Response Marketing Group (DRMG) relaunched their website this week. DRMG contacted tcmc interactive for help in recreating their online presence with a clean, contemporary design that could show off their unique marketing service offerings. The new site is powered by a content manage t system that makes it easy to manage social media, display portfolio items and create sophisticated layouts. Take a look. Wins WMA WebAward in Social Networking

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21st September

Last Wednesday , 9/15/2009 we received notice that won a Web Marketing Association WebAward for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development. ( Veiw th entry here ).


This is exciting and helps to encourage us to keep going with the weekly events and adding more useful features to the website.


If you have not had a chance to participate in one of our weekly twitter discussions, we invite you to join the conversation every Tuesday at noon. Head over to for more details and an archive of all previous events.



“This is a super site, and one I will definitely give more time outside the awards. You all did a very effective job and making it easy and informative.”


“Great job on forefronting the idea!”


Thank you Judges!




Since 1997, the Web Marketing Association’s annual WebAward Competition has been setting the standard of excellence for Website development. Independent expert … Read More » – New Features, New Platform

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8th April

Over the last year has grown and grown and we are attempting to match that growth with new and useful features. So here is the rundown:

Hosting Platform

Last year we were plagued by server and hosting issues causing the site to crash too often whenever traffic would spike. There is nothing wrong with this particular host. They just were not the right tool for the job and as our demands grew they just could not keep up. It happens.

In January We moved out Hosting over to Media Temple and it has been a huge improvement. So far we have not exceeded our resources even during our busiest events without affecting the site performance.

Hello Google Powered URL Shortener, Goodbye Every Other URL shortener

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7th March

(An SEO friendly URL shortener may not be far off)
Twitter really is making an impact on the Internet more and more, like it or not. URL shorteners have popped up all over the place to accommodate long links in the strict 140 character or less twitter world. Of course, the biggest drawback to these links is they are not SEO friendly. This is a big drawback. Since all url shortners do is act as a redirect translation system all short urls point to the url service. So if you are using or tinyurl or aything else all you are  adding backlinks to the domain of that services. Sure those services claim to use 301 redirects but lets face it, it’s likely done via programming code which basically equates to a javascript window.location url. You might get something out of it but not much. Anyways, … Read More »

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