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8th April

Over the last year has grown and grown and we are attempting to match that growth with new and useful features. So here is the rundown:

Hosting Platform

Last year we were plagued by server and hosting issues causing the site to crash too often whenever traffic would spike. There is nothing wrong with this particular host. They just were not the right tool for the job and as our demands grew they just could not keep up. It happens.

In January We moved out Hosting over to Media Temple and it has been a huge improvement. So far we have not exceeded our resources even during our busiest events without affecting the site performance.

#SocialMedia ( Free iPhone App released

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7th April

Good News!

The official iPhone App has been accepted into the itunes store and you can get it now!

Why use this app? Glad you asked. Here are some of the features

Read the blog topics and full posts
Follow the live twitter chats on the go
Participate in the live twitter chats while away from you comp. … reply.retweet,…etc…
Schedule of upcoming events

Our main goal in creating this app was to give people an easy way to follow the conversations when they are not at their desk. However, we are seeing more and more opportunities for this app already so we think this is just the beginning and that we can add more features soon.

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